The idea for this website came from a 18 year desire to hear the nature sounds that are outside to be played over the sound system inside the house. In the process of implementing the dream, it became apparent that once the information was captured, it was just as easy to distribute it over the internet as it was to play it in the house.

Today the dream has become reality as we have the capability to stream four channels of live nature audio using the Vorbis/Ogg compression software.

Current plans are to enable in browser stereo streaming by 8/15/11. Website improvements coming soon are:

  • Provide listener selectability between in browser stereo and four channel Vorbis streams
  • Data Base Implementation for listeners, providers and sound source locations
  • Stream selection control that will allow the listener to select when to listen to which of our audio streams
  • Time Zone compansation for the stream selection control
  • The "Best Of" stream that comes from the LNS stream selection control
  • Additional products that will enable the LNS listener access to the dimension of surround sound from their computer

As this website grows, we intend to add many more Sound Sources for listeners to select from. Under the Listener Area there is a page that has a table that list the sound sources that are available, allows for programming a specific time to connect to a stream to listen and will time zone compensate the "Your Best Listening Times" display to listeners time zone.

In addition to the live nature streaming service, Live Nature Songs is also developing the Mileage Elephant iPhone application. This application is a business trip event data logger that collects deductible mileage information so it can be provided to the USA IRS. This iPhone application will be the best of breed with many new features not available on the current iPhone mileage loggers. Scheduled release is August 30, 2011. Part of this website will be used to provide information and documentation for the Mileage Elephant.

Contact us if you have questions, comments or feedback.