Internal Stereo Computer Speakers

They will only give you a rough idea of our content. Because of their size and close proximity to each other, the stereo separating will be minimal.

External Stereo Computer Speakers

Since the size and quality of external speakers can very greatly, so will your results. Look for two way speakers that have both a low and high frequency drivers in each enclosure. Having a built-in amplifier with a tone control will provide better results. Try to place the speakers as far apart as possible with each pointed at the listening position.

4.0 Surround Sound - Any 5.1

Surround sound audio adapter that works in your system will be able to support the four channels of nature stream that we provide. Our sound will come out the front left/right and rear left/right that you have connected to your audio adapter. We have only the 4.0 streams because nature does not need the center channel that is normally used for voice and the sub woofer signal is not available at this time.

If you have a surround sound home theater, you can feed our surround streams into it. If you do not have a 5.1 audio sound adapter now, the 5.1 USB sound card that we offer will work with any system that has a USB port. Windows requires drivers to be installed for the 5.1 USB sound card and Linux is plug and play. We also offer the TOSLINK cables that can optically connect the 5.1 USB sound card to the input of you home theater system.